The beauty of the Finnish lifestyle, why we visited in both winter and summer, and the real reason why sauna is a must-do. Find out why we'd consider ...View Details

Winter traveling tips, how to save money in more expensive cities, and the best vegan ice cream we've ever had! Come along on our trip to Copenhagen i...View Details

A whole day lost because of our trip to Brussels, but we still made it out to the magically windmills where a strange man approached us. The folks in ...View Details

There is no better city to spend the new year in than Prague, not just because it's a charming city and they have plenty of Christmas markets - but th...View Details

Tears and cheers in a modern international city that's steeped in history. We get our first real break in Europe, end up in a medieval Christmas marke...View Details

We finally hit snow in Zurich, Switzerland, where we got to meet my penpal and really got into the spirit of Christmas Markets! Let's go over all the ...View Details

Did we book a hostel or hotel in Geneva, Switzerland? You tell us! In this episode of our podcast Carlienne's Corner we talk about our adventure in Ge...View Details

We made it just in time for the Festival of Lights in Lyon and then settled in for a blissful week of local life by visiting the neighborhood market a...View Details

Our few days in the coastal Nice were dampened by Carl feeling unwell, so Adrienne had to finish a bottle of wine by herself. Good thing our AirBnB wa...View Details

Our 6 day road trip in Morocco was a whirlwind of an adventure and though it was the rockiest (literally & figuratively) part of entire trip, it m...View Details

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